Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kincaid, S. J. The Diabolic.

Kincaid, S. J. The Diabolic.  Simon & Schuster  2016  416p  $17.99  ISBN 978-1-4814-7267-8  hs/adult  Science fiction  VG

In an interstellar world far in the future, mankind has created genetically engineered humans, called diabolics, to serve as protection for the elite families in a prominent galactic court. Nemesis is one such diabolic and is to serve as protection for Sidonia, the heir of a prominent family. To protect her now teenage charge, Nemesis is sent to Court masquerading as Sidonia, just as the empire starts to fracture.
I was instantly hooked on the book by the concept of diabolics, and then on the relationship of Nemesis with everyone around her, and found the book to be a fun read. The book is very well written if somewhat predictable in the end, and lends itself to a sequel. Highly recommended for inclusion in high school and public library collections.
Summary: Romance and court intrigue play with good and evil in this novel about a diabolic (genetically engineered human) who finds her own humanity.

Genetic engineering-Fiction                                                                                                    --Lynn Fisher  

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