Thursday, December 29, 2016

Langston-Geroge, Rebecca. Orphan Trains: Taking the Rails To A New Life.

Langston-Geroge, Rebecca.  Orphan Trains: Taking the Rails To A New Life.  Capstone Publishers  2017          128p    $22.99   ISBN 978-1-4914-8551-4 elem/ms   Nonfiction  E-BN                                   
At times uplifting and heart-wrenching, the story of seven orphaned children who were boarded onto trains in New York City to be adopted by Midwestern families is a thoroughly engaging story. The book is difficult to put down as the reader roots for the children to attain better lives with new families. In some cases that happens, while in others the children simply move from one harsh existence to another. The book includes a timeline of the orphan train programs, a glossary, a list of additional resources, critical thinking questions, a select bibliography, source notes, and an index.    

Summary: This is the story of seven orphans who were sent from New York City to the Midwest for adoption. Personal narratives are powerful, and when they involve the plight of children they are even more so.

Orphan trains                                                                                                              --Stephanie Pennucci

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