Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mills, Emma. This Adventure Ends.

Mills, Emma.  This Adventure Ends. Macmillan/Henry Holt  2016       308p    $17.99  ISBN 978-1-62779-935-5     hs  Realistic fiction  VG-BN                       

This Adventure Ends is a light, fun, and quirky read.  Starting with the initial impression it gives, the cover art is beautiful and will certainly attract readers from the shelf.  Sloane moves to a new town and immediately falls into a group of friends that is populated with wonderful, heartfelt, funny, and realistic characters.  Emma Mills’s character development is superb.  Each character is fully rounded, endearing, and hard to let go of.  The reader feels emotionally attached to even fringe characters and is invested in the various subplots. While there is a romantic bent to the storyline, its heart is in its depictions of friendships -- the attachments, betrayals, confusions and loyalties between these friends, which for most readers will reflect the relationships in their own lives.
Beyond her friendships, Sloane is also dealing with complexity within her own family.  Her father is a very well known but blocked romance writer who pulls from his own life to build his characters.  The relationship between him and his wife, Sloane’s mother, is complicated and tense.  These two issues — the marital relationship and the struggling artist — impact Sloane in various ways. 
In part, this story is one of adventure.  Sloane is trying to recover a painting that means a great deal to her friends, and on the way she finds some very real connections with her group of friends and her family that help her reflect on the magic of all the relationships in her life and the various meanings and forms of love.                       

Summary: This Adventure Ends is the story of Sloane: new girl to a quirky group of friends, daughter of a romance-novel writer, singer, and skeptic of love.  Sloane is on a quest to recover the sold painting of her best friend’s deceased mother, and along the way she learns the beauty of friendships, family, and love. 

Friendship-Fiction, Love-Fiction                                                                               —Michele Nass

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