Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ruebush, McKenna. Enter A Glossy Web.

Ruebush, McKenna.  Enter A Glossy Web.  Macmillan/Henry Holt      2016  389p  $16.99  ISBN 978-1-62779-370-4      Hardback      ms/jr Fantasy  VG-BN

New fantasy, taking place in highly imaginative multiple lands within a magical world. Twelve-year-old George (don’t call her Georgina) is supposed to stay with her aunt and uncle while her parents search for her lost brother. Shortly after her arrival, her uncle leaves on business and her aunt is kidnapped. This sets George off on a search for her uncle. She quickly meets two orphan boys who join her quest. They are told to find three keys to save the world from destruction. Each key is in a different land within this world. The author has some very inventive ideas for the various lands they visit, such as riding on floating doors of all sorts to travel from land to land. The dialog is often witty, the characters are heroic and multidimensional, and the descriptions are vivid.  There will definitely be a sequel in which George searches for her lost brother.
The only drawback to this title is its length. At times it is wordy because the lands are so different from anything the reader has previously experienced.  This will be quite daunting to younger readers but no problem for advanced or older readers. The publisher lists this title starting at grade 3, while grades 5-8 would be more realistic.
But it is very highly recommended for grades 5-8.  A very mature and advanced 3rd grader will be able to handle it as well.     

Summary: New fantasy, taking place in highly imaginative multiple lands within a magical world. Three young people must find three keys to unlock and save these worlds from destruction.  Vivid description. Middle school 

Adventure-Fiction                                                 —Joan Theal

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