Monday, November 27, 2017

Cooner, Donna. Worthy.

Cooner, Donna. Worthy. Scholastic Press/Point   2017  272p  $17.99  Hardback  ISBN 978-0-545-90393-6    ms/hs     Realistic fiction  VG      

Everyone at Linden’s high school is obsessed with the new app Worthy. Pictures and comments are posted on Worthy and the question is posed: "Is the girl worthy of the guy?" At first it seems like fun, as any new app is, but eventually Worthy causes turmoil in the relationships in the school. Linden becomes intrigued and begins to question who is behind this app, who’s posting the pictures, and who is doing the voting.

This well-written book will appeal to teenagers, who are all too familiar with social media. The characters are well developed and accurately depict typical high-school students involved with the Internet and activities. Linden’s growth throughout the book is recognizable and admirable, and it sends a good message to readers. It is an exciting story that will entertain and enlighten readers.
This book is recommended for any middle- or high-school library and will appeal to teen readers.

Summary: There is a new app that everyone is obsessed with at Linden’s high school, named Worthy, that posts pictures and asks if the girl is worthy of the guy, which results in much turmoil in boy-girl relationships in the school.

Social media-Fiction                                        --Virginia McGarvey

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