Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Berne, Emma Carlson. What Is An Idiom When It's At Home?

Berne, Emma Carlson. What Is An Idiom When It's At Home?   Capstone Publishers       2018   32p.  $27.32  ISBN 978-1-5157-6388-8          elem/ms       Nonfiction  VG-BNS        

Upper-elementary and middle-school students who enjoy learning about the English language will appreciate this new title on idioms in the Fact Finders: Why Do We Say That? series.  Written in an easy-to-read format, the book will give students a better understanding of what idioms are and will provide solid examples for them to explain to others.  The author touches upon figurative and literal meanings, as well as phrasal verbs and clichés.  Students will be able to identify the idiom and its literal meaning with real-world examples.  The author provides students with a history of idioms and how they are used worldwide, as well as providing insight into the future of idioms with todays technology and use of emojis.

The author includes colorful illustrations, tables, charts, Try It Outsidebars, Did You Knowfacts, a glossary of terms, a list of recommended books, critical thinking questions, a special code to use on FactHound, and an index.

As of this review, four titles have been published in this new series, Fact Finders: Why Do We Say That? which is part of the Fact Finders series.  Each title reviews parts of speech and basic proper grammar in a fun way.         

Summary: An exploration of idioms, covering what they are, providing examples, and including related exercises.         

Idioms, Language Arts                               --Charleen Forba-MacCain

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