Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Blashfield, Jean F. California Gold Rush and the 49ers

Blashfield, Jean F.  California Gold Rush and the 49ers. Capstone Publishers     2018   32p.  $27.32  ISBN 978-1-5157-7116-6  elem/ms  Nonfiction  VG-BNS 

Upper-elementary and middle-school students who enjoy learning about United States history will enjoy this new title on the California Gold Rush in the Fact Finders: Landmarks in U.S. Historyseries.  Written in a story-like fashion, the book allows students to gain a better understanding about the California Gold Rush.  From the deadly journey to California through challenging terrain and weather to the actual discovery of gold for some adventurers, students learn of the difficulties many faced while trying to strike it rich.  Fortune seekers came by land and sea and didnt realize the dangers, including death from disease, that this journey presented to them.  The author touches upon the miners and basic mining, as well as the women who played a role in the Gold Rush.  Students also learn how the Gold Rush played a vital role in the development of California and its diversity.

The author includes both color and black-and-white period portraits, interesting Did You Knowfacts, maps, sidebars, a glossary of terms, critical thinking questions, recommended books, a special code to use on FactHound, and an index.

For schools who participate in Accelerated Reader, a test is available for students to take (AR Quiz # 189870).      

As of this review, four titles have been published in this new series, Fact Finders: Landmarks in U.S. History.  Each title features daring adventurers and the reasons their actions helped shape the United States.  Titles include The Pony Express, Lewis & Clark, The California Gold Rush, and the Santa Fe Trail.         

Summary: Readers will learn about the California Gold Rush, the people who went there to find their fortunes, and how this event shaped the history of California and the United States.         

Gold Rush, U.S. History, California Gold Discoveries.                                                                                                                         --Charleen Forba-MacCain

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