Friday, October 28, 2011

Gormley, Greg. Dog in Boots.

Gormley, Greg. Dog in Boots.
Holiday House 2011 unp 17.95
978-0-8234-2347-7 Animal stories E-BNe

Dog reads Puss in Boots and tries to find the right footwear for himself. After several failed attempts, he finds the perfect choice - his paws. Dog reads his favorite book- Puss in Boots. He then heads to a shoe store and buys boots for each of his feet. However he found that they are no good for digging in mud. He returns them for rain boots that can take the mud but filled with water when Dog went for a swim. So on through several varieties of footwear until he is reminded that his paws are perfect for all his activities.
This simple story line helps young children learn that the way they are is the best way to be.

The illustrations are bright, enthusiastic and delightful. Young children will be attracted to the antics of Dog as he tries different footwear and finds each to be lacking in some way.
Recommended for pre-school and early childhood collections.
Theal, Joan

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